YOASOBI’s First Solo Concert in the U.S. Sold Out

Words + Photos by Courtnee Bo

April 22, 2024

YOASOBI at Shrine Expo Hall, Courtnee Bo/ab(CDE)

YOASOBI is a Japanese pop duo consisting of producer-composer Ayase and singer-songwriter Lilas Ikuta. The talented pair have taken the world by storm, topping the Billboard charts with their song ‘Idol’ for the popular anime Oshi No Ko, along with other hits such as ‘Racing Into The Night’ and ‘Gunjo’. Their various projects have amassed a massive fanbase that continues to grow, evident from their recent performance at the COACHELLA festival.

Upon arriving at the Shrine Expo Hall for their First Solo U.S. Concert, it was clear that YOASOBI is a beloved duo, as the line wrapped around the block. Upon entering, audience members were given 3D glasses to enhance the concert experience. It was obvious that a lot of careful planning and thought had been put into the concert. At the opening of the show, stunning visual effects on the screen provided a sweet yet psychedelic experience that complemented the venue layout. For example, Lilas Ikuta performed on a raised platform, creating the illusion of fireworks going off behind her.

Ikura, Courtnee Bo/ab(CDE)

Ayase, Courtnee Bo/ab(CDE)

During the next set, the background changed, providing three-dimensional animations that swarmed around Ayase as he performed. There was so much to experience that it was hard to look away from the stage, especially when fans pulled out giant lightsticks and performed a synchronized cheer for the popular song ‘Idol’. The fan chant and dance made the experience even more enjoyable for not only those around them but also for YOASOBI themselves.

It is evident that both the artists and fans have a strong connection, as midway through the show, Ayase and Lilas Ikuta shared heartfelt words with the audience. Ayase expressed his initial concern about whether people would attend their concert and was extremely happy to perform for a sold-out crowd. He wished to “sing, dance, and make this night a perfect time together”. Lilas Ikuta shared that when she was a child, she had dreamed of becoming a singer and that visiting LA and performing a solo concert was like a dream come true. She is super happy and will continue to produce “new music so we can meet again”. Their next performance was a song about catching dreams, as they pursue their goals every day for moments like this.

YOASOBI closed the show with a performance of ‘Heart Beat’, but fans could not get enough and continued to cheer for an encore. As a last thank you, YOASOBI came out for an encore performance which left the fans feeling nostalgic, playing their debut song ‘Yoru ni Kakeru’. YOASOBI is a group that loves and cares about their craft. The duo will continue to make record-breaking music and have visually and audibly stimulating solo concerts.



Photos taken by Courtnee Bo

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