Xikers’ First Encounter in Paris for Europe Tour

Words + Photos by Nathan Gey

April 1, 2024

Xikers at Élysée Montmartre, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

After traveling in the US and meeting all their American fans, Xikers finally made it to Europe during their first World Tour, "TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE." Since last year, the energetic boy group has been touring the world, with the tour kicking off in Japan before moving on to the United States. Their journey through their Europe tour ended with their show in Paris on February 10th at the very Parisian-styled venue Élysée Montmartre. The venue was crowded and almost sold out for this Saturday night, and French fans were so excited to see Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Seeun, Yujun, Hunter, and Yechan performing their favorite songs on stage. Junghoon was absent due to hiatus. Before the show started, many Roadies (Xikers’ fandom name) were singing fan chants and some songs from Xikers’ discography together, eagerly waiting for the 9 members! At 7:30 pm, the lights went off, and the long-awaited show finally started.

Since their debut in March of last year, Xikers has been steadily expanding their discography and capturing the hearts of many loyal fans. Before their formal introduction, the group amassed a significant following as KQ Fellaz 2, KQ Entertainment's iconic way of showcasing pre-debut teams of trainees. Notably, the first KQ Fellaz included the globally renowned boy group ATEEZ. With Xikers embarking on their first world tour, some might have wondered if ATEEZ's younger brothers, having only debuted last year, would be able to captivate audiences for an entire show. However, they completely showed the eager Paris Roadies that they could do it in the coolest and most dynamic way ever!

They performed their own songs like "TRICKY HOUSE," "Oh My Gosh," "Koong," or "XIKEY" in the first part and smoothly transitioned to a cover-song section with a dance cover of "Iffy" (originally by Chris Brown). Following that, they performed two medleys where the nine boys covered many famous K-pop songs such as BTS’s "Dynamite", NCT 127’s "Cherry Bomb", and even songs by their older brothers, like ATEEZ’s "BOUNCY" or BLACKPINK’s "Kill This Love", LESSERAFIM’s "Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife", NewJeans’ "Hype Boy" , and finally (G)I-DLE’s "Queencard", which fired up the whole venue. Then, Junmin and Hunter lit up the stage by dancing to "Die for You" (The Weeknd), preparing the audience for the final part of the show. "Skater" and "DO or DIE" beautifully ended the show just before the encore.

After a VCR segment, the members came back on stage to perform "Sunny Side" and continued with the final MC of the night. Each member said some words to the fans, thanking everyone for coming to see their concert and meet them in the city of lights. "HOMEBOY" started right after all the speeches, along with the exclusive announcement of their comeback, scheduled to be released in March, one year after their debut. Finally, "ROCKSTAR" was played to conclude this beautiful show, with all members extending the song to let their fans sing along with them.

Xikers’ first encounters all around the world were a huge success for sure. Despite their recent debut, the 9 members showed their passion and dancing skills during their journey, promising a bright and beautiful future for them and all Roadies! This is the first time for us, in ab(CDE), to see them perform in Europe. We hope to see them again for another world tour, with a bunch of new songs and dynamic choreographies!



Photos taken by Nathan Gey (@natog.photo)

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