'Our Summer' with TXT

Words + Photos by Emma Vurdien

May 30, 2023

TOMORROW X TOGETHER opened their show under a bright evening sky in downtown LA for the last stop of  ACT : SWEET MIRAGE tour in the US. What could ever be more wholesome than Hueningkai asking the crowd for a “big dog” version of cat & dog? He explained he basically means yell the lyrics out louder! We will certainly take his cute explanation. 

Groups like TXT are special. The love they have for each other and for their fans is so endearing. Towards the end of the second show in LA, they spent an extended amount of time walking to all corners of the stages, saying goodbye to every row and section of people. Remembering the tour last year, they personally walked off stage into the audience to say goodbye to MOAs. Bringing that same energy to stadiums with 20,000+ capacity is really characteristic of TXT. These are truly the “moments of alwaysness.”

While this was the last stop of the tour, MOAs will be looking forward to giving a "big dog" cheer for these 5 amazing boys again for their next tour! Until then, we can look forward to TXT headlining Lollapalooza again in a few months, where they were the first kpop group in history to headline the festival last year.

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