STAYC Brings the Energetic Fun of ‘TEENFRESH’ to Paris

Words by Nathan Gey

March 21, 2024

STAYC at La Salle Pleyel, Magic Sound KPOP

The long-awaited K-pop idol group STAYC finally brought their refreshing and revitalizing songs to Europe! After starting STAYC 1ST WORLD TOUR [TEENFRESH] in Seoul on last September and touring America with seven cities, the six bubbly girls continued their journey around the world with three dates in Asia before ending up in Europe for the final leg of their tour.

London was their first stop, followed by Paris on March 5th at the famous Salle Pleyel. The venue was packed, and all French SWITHs (STAYC’s fandom name) were ready to welcome (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J) to the City of Lights for an amazing night. Known for their energetic and powerful title tracks like "ASAP," "SO BAD," or "RUN2U," STAYC has made a significant impact in the industry by bringing cheerfulness to their fans through a lot of pop songs, perfectly fitting their identity as "Star to A Young Culture," reflecting their aim of dominating pop culture.

The show started strong with "SO BAD," "RUN2U," and “Poppy” during which the members asked the audience to dance along with them during the chorus. Of course, they played such famous songs as "STEREOTYPE" and "SO WHAT" during the night, but they had much more in store for their fans, including a cover of TWICE's song "FANCY," officially released on all music platforms on March 15th. A pleasant surprise was that four different outfits were planned for the show, which is not very common during K-pop concerts. To keep the audience entertained during the costume changes, two VCRs were prepared.

Some more specific b-side songs were also scheduled, such as "247," "I LIKE IT," and "COMPLEX," allowing us to enjoy all the beautiful voices and perfect chemistry between the six talented girls, as seen in beautiful melodies like "LOVE" or "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER."

The highlight of the night was, as expected, "Bubble," which was played not once but two times—during the overture, in the middle of the show, and to close the concert. More than just their latest comeback, "Bubble" perfectly portrays the refreshing image of the group. Combined with bright and colorful lighting settings, it felt like the whole venue was filled with tons of bubbles.

Sieun speaking English made communication with all SWITHs much easier during MCs, and all members expressed their happiness to finally meet their European fans and to travel to such famous cities like Paris and London.

In conclusion, STAYC's first visit to Paris was a huge success. The STAYC girls brought a breath of fresh air with their discography, smiles, and cheerful choreographies! Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J showed us all their singing talents and their closeness with their fans by interacting with them throughout the night. Like all the SWITHs who were there, we will continue to cheer and support them in the future, eagerly awaiting many more STAYC-like songs and, of course, another world tour!

We would like to thank the six talented members of STAYC for the wonderful night, High Up Entertainment, CJ ENM and Magic Sound KPOP for having us and providing us with the official photos, and finally, La Salle Pleyel for the warm welcome!


Photos provided by Magic Sound KPOP

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