ONEUS Returns to LA to Conclude 2nd World Tour

Words by Courtnee Bo + Photos by Dana Nguyen

April 16, 2024

ONEUS at The Wiltern, Dana Nguyen/ab(CDE)

ONEUS, under RBW entertainment, has once again graced the stage on their second world tour, “LA DOLCE VITA,” which took them to eleven cities across the U.S. The tour kicked off in Seattle, WA, and ended in Los Angeles, CA, where they performed popular songs such as ‘Same Scent’, ‘Luna”, and ‘LIT.’ The concert consisted of non-stop entertainment ,starting with RBW’s newest pre-debut group NXD, short for NeXt iDentity, opening for their seniors and hyped-up the crowd who was invited to watch their upcoming busking stage at The Source OC in Buena Park. 

NXD opening for ONEUS, Dana Nguyen/ab(CDE)

Soon after ONEUS took the stage performing their recent release ‘Baila Conmigo,’ causing the venue to erupt in cheers from To Moon (ONEUS’ official fandom name) excited to see the ONEUS members SeoHo, LeeDo, KeonHee, HwanWoong, and Xion once again.  The show included several VCR videos, one being mermaid-themed with an interesting backstory which made To Moons unable to look away from the screen.  The VCRs were followed by outfit changes that ranged from fairytale princes to traditional princes, fitting the mood of their different sets.  ONEUS members went so far as to teach To Moons how to dance along to their debut song ‘Valkyrie’.   

Between the different sets, the ONEUS members engaged with their fans, showing their excitement and enthusiasm to perform and interact with international To Moon. KeonHee had asked To Moon what ONEUS was best at and to his shock he had heard they were best at….”sandwiches?!”...which caused the members and To Moon to erupt in laughter.  After clarification that To Moon thought they were good at “everything”, KeonHee playfully noted they were good at sandwiches too.  To Moons weren’t exaggerating when they praised the group’s versatility  In addition to KeonHee’s witty humor, each member showcased their own unique charm.

LeeDo’s vocal abilities are diverse, effortlessly transitioning from deep bass to high-range vocals with ease.  HwanWoong’s blindfolded dancing during ‘Come Back Home’ captivated the audience, while SeoHo’s high note during ‘Unforgettable’ was legendary. Xion executed several daring moves, including being lifted throughout different songs.  Each member also took the time to share some gracious remarks thanking their fans, backup dancers, and the staff for making this tour possible.   

For the finale of their concert, ONEUS members took the stage repping LA Dodgers baseball jerseys, taking this time to interact with To Moon and even walk through the aisles.  The theater went wild with excitement interacting with the members while dancing along to ‘Last Song’.  This was the perfect way to end their last stop on the US part of their world tour.  (ab)CDE and To Moon cannot wait to see ONEUS again, not only for another world tour, but for their upcoming comeback!



Photos taken by Dana Nguyen (@momentswdana)

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