Everglow Illuminates Paris on Europe Tour, "Just Like the Eiffel Tower"

Words + Photos by Nathan Gey

February 7, 2024

Everglow at Le Bataclan, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

After their long-awaited comeback with their brand new single "SLAY" on August 18, 2023, EVERGLOW kicked off their first World Tour by conquering their fans with 10 dates all around the United States in November of last year. Ending their US tour with a stop in Los Angeles on November 22nd, Yuehua Entertainment announced the next step right after with 6 dates in Europe between the end of January and the beginning of February. After that, the six members took a break for Christmas and New Year celebrations before conquering another part of the world.

Starting in Barcelona on January 23rd, Yiren, Aisha, Sihyeon, Onda, Mia, and E:U continued their journey in Europe, putting down their luggage in Paris at the famous venue Le Bataclan. It's been a while since French fans started dreaming about seeing EVERGLOW on stage in Paris, and it finally came true on the night of January 25th! As the concert took place in the middle of the week, not every fan could arrange their plans to attend the show; however, the French audience responded enthusiastically, and the venue was pretty crowded.

FOREVERs (EVERGLOW’s fandom name) started screaming when the six girls appeared on stage and opened the show with "FIRST," "SLAY," and "PIRATE." It was such an energetic introduction and clearly the right way to announce to their fans that they were going to experience a great show with their idols. The first MC occurred right after, allowing the girls to greet their audience and express their happiness in finally reaching out to Paris and their French FOREVERs.

Everglow, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

E:U, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

The show continued with "Player," "NO LIE," and a part of the group (Yiren/Onda/Aisha/Sihyeon) left the entire stage to Mia and E:U for an incredible dance duet on Sam Smith/Kim Petras’ song "Unholy." The other girls took back the lead by singing a cover of Little Mix’s song "Shout Out to My EX," followed by a short MC where members and fans had some cute interactions. The powerful songs "Don’t Speak," "Company," and "Dun Dun" fired up the venue and were a real demonstration of the dance skills of the members, dancing together with perfect synchronicity.

A bit tired from the first dancing part of the show, Mia announced a little break with a ballad-songs’ corner while microphone stands were brought out to the stage by the staff members. They finally showed their beautiful voices by singing the two beautiful songs "Hush" and "Oh Ma Ma God," followed by the audience singing along with the chorus. Then, members wanted to do a special KPOP dance covers medley, honoring all the KPOP fans around the world who have published dance cover videos over the years. Therefore, the stars of the night danced to the chorus of "Lovesick Girls" (BLACKPINK), "Fast Forward" (SOMI), and "3D" (Jung Kook) and then made the crowd scream by dancing to the full (and uncensored) version of "TOMBOY" by (G)I-DLE! Then, staff members brought six chairs on stage, and the girls followed up by performing "달아 (Moon)," showing once again their ability to dance to all kinds of choreography.

The audience was so happy about all the surprises prepared by the members and didn’t expect that there was one last one. The six members came back on stage after a brief break, and a rainbow invaded the whole venue, going along with a personalized intro followed by their well-known song "UNTOUCHABLE."

Mia and Yiren announced the last part of the show, taking the opportunity to greet the audience and let the other members express their gratitude. Then, the show ended strongly with "LA DI DA" and "Adios." After a five-minute break during which FOREVERs didn’t stop screaming "EVERGLOW," all the girls came back for a sweet and heartfelt performance of "Back Together." The goodbye speeches finally took place, and each member was able to say some words to the fans. They thanked the audience for the warm welcome, the fact that they will never forget this amazing night and promised to come back. We picked up some special words from the girls with Sihyeon saying and joking, with a malicious smile on her face, that the French fans were doing great compared to Spain fans two days ago.

Onda made the biggest and sweetest surprise by telling all her gratitude in French, saying:

“Merci de m’avoir offert des souvenirs aujourd’hui à Paris. Ce show était brilliant comme la Tour Eiffel grâce à vous. Je n’oublierai jamais aujourd’hui! A bientôt Paris, je vous aime tout le monde Bisous!”

“Thank you for offering many memories in Paris today. Tonight’s show was the brightest, just like the Eiffel Tower, thanks to you guys. I won’t forget today! See you soon Paris, I love you everyone, bisous!”

To end the show on a French vibe, the group finished with their 1st single named "Bon Bon Chocolat," making a great reference to the famous French chocolate which members couldn’t wait to taste later after the concert. It was an amazing show provided by EVERGLOW that made fans leave with unforgettable memories. We hope to see them again next year for another World Tour, both in America and Europe!

We would like to thank MyMusicTaste and Los Production for having us! And of course, all members for the incredible moments.



Photos taken by Nathan Gey (@natog.photo)

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