ENHYPEN's World Tour Delivers Unforgettable Experience for ENGENE

Words by Courtnee Bo

April 26, 2024


ENHYPEN is a prominent K-pop boy group created by BELIFT LAB, consisting of seven members:  JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI. The group has surpassed 3 billion views on Spotify, and the latest release of their fifth mini album, “Orange Blood,” charted #4 on the Billboard 200 for 7 consecutive weeks.

ENHYPEN continued to show promising results, as they embarked on their second world tour ‘FATE’, which began with sold-out shows at one of South Korea's largest stadiums, the Seoul KSPO-Dome.  The group quickly gained global recognition during their ‘FATE’ tour as they made their U.S. stadium debut at Los Angeles’ Dignity Health Sports Park, headlined a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome, was the first K-pop group to perform at the Philippines’s New Clark City Stadium, and became Prada’s newest brand ambassadors. 

After enchanting over 327,000 ENGENEs – a name given to ENHYPEN’s fans– across 13 cities and 21 shows, ENHYPEN’s WORLD TOUR 'FATE PLUS’ was announced to bring a heightened experience for ENGENE worldwide.   'FATE PLUS' teases to bring a new and improved setlist, eye-catching special segments, and more fan engagement to continue the excitement of their previous tour. The U.S. stops include Anaheim, Oakland, Tacoma, Rosemont, and Belmont Park's UBS Arena.

The tour began with their first stop at the Honda Center in Anaheim on April 24, the location of the first concert ENHYPEN had held in North America back in 2022.  Many eager ENGENEs arrived at the venue as early as a couple of days before the show to prepare and show their support for their favorite artists.  Like their idols, ENGENEs made the venue their runway by sporting fashionable outfits catering to the ‘FATE PLUS’ theme and their EN- OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK.


ENHYPEN began the show adorning white and navy blue royal outfits performing  “Drunk-Dazed,” and transitioned to member NI-KI opening their next song, “Blockbuster” with a dance break and member SUNOO showing astonishing vocal capabilities. 

Each set of songs was followed with commentary from the members and cinematic VCRs that showed off the members' charismatic appearances and concepts from white prince-themed to dark blood-themed.  The commentary ranged from  SUNGHOON sharing his sentiment to be back in Anaheim after a year and a half, TMIs from JUNGWON about eating “big burritos'' in California, to a reminder from HEESEUNG that despite the time that has passed, ENHYPEN and ENGENE are connected always.  ENHYPEN’s love for ENGENEs was abundantly clear throughout the concert, whether it was verbally telling the fans or physically showing them by going into the crowds while performing their hit song “Polaroid Love.” The members made sure to switch sides of the area to give each member an opportunity to interact with as many fans as possible.



As promised, the revamped setlist contained a different version of  “Flicker” – a song from their pre-debut in I-Land/debut album – and a first-time live performance in the U.S. of “Still a Monster” – from their fifth mini album “Orange Blood.”  Although the members had prepared various surprise performances, such as HEESEUNG playing the piano, JAY playing the acoustic guitar, and JAKE singing a cover of song “I Don't Think I’m Okay,” the highlight of the night was the surprise birthday celebration for member Jay, whose birthday had just passed on April 20.  It was touching to hear the venue sing Happy Birthday to Jay while the members playfully tried to stick frosting on his face. 


The finale of the show consisted of an outfit change of the members wearing their tour merchandise and energetically performing.  As a final goodbye, ENHYPEN performed “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” – from their third mini album “MANIFESTO: DAY 1” – causing fans to be both excited and sad at their final goodbye. However, as JUNGWON said, “Goodbye just means getting excited for the next time we get to say hello.” 

ENHYPEN has been reinventing and innovating the entertainment industry, and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store since JAKE had hinted that the group has been working hard on a comeback for ENGENE.


Get your tickets for the rest of the stops here!  → ENHYPEN FATE+ TOUR

April 26

Oakland, North America


April 28

Tacoma, North America


May 1

Chicago, North America


May 3

Belmont Park, North America



Photos courtesy of BELIFT LAB

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