DREAMCATCHER Performs for a Memorable ‘Silent Night’ in Paris

Words + Photos by Nathan Gey

March 12, 2024

DREAMCATCHER at Zénith Paris, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

DREAMCATCHER continues their journey around the world and recently made a stop in Europe early in 2024. Following performances in Barcelona, Warsaw, London, and Offenbach, the seven girls visited Paris and met with the French Insomnias (DREAMCATCHER’s fandom name) for the fourth time! Since their debut in 2017, DREAMCATCHER has consistently impressed fans with high-quality songs and worldwide performances. Their first performance in Paris was in 2018 at the iconic venue Le Trianon, and since then, they have continually increased the capacity of their venues, performing at Elysée Montmartre in 2019 and the Zenith de Paris in 2022. This time, SuA, Yoohyeon, Gahyeon, JiU, Handong, Dami, and Sihyeon announced their return to Europe shortly after the release of their 9th mini-album, "VilainS," on November 22, 2023. Returning to the familiar Zénith in Paris, French Insomnias responded positively, and despite the rainy day, the venue was packed. Everyone entered safely and on time, and the show was set to begin soon.

The group now has enough songs to provide a 2-hour show, once again demonstrating their ability to create a great setlist. They appeared on stage with their new song "OOTD," followed by "Black and White." However, fans were surprised to see SuA seated on a chair on stage while the other members danced in the center. During the first MC, the members explained that SuA was experiencing flu-like symptoms, and as a precaution, management decided to allow her to perform but not participate in the choreographies. Although it was unfortunate, as K-pop enthusiasts, Insomnias were understanding and wished her a speedy recovery.

Gahyeon, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

SuA, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

One significant thing to note about DREAMCATCHER is that they have a close and loyal fan base. For every show, fans expect an unforgettable night. This fourth performance in Paris was no exception, with the entire venue electrified throughout the night. The setlist, which included classic tracks like "Scream," "BOCA," and "BONVOYAGE," as well as ballads like "To You" and "Lullaby" (performed in its rock version), along with b-sides such as "Fairy Tale," "Rising," "Wake Up," and the latest "We Are Young," was highly appreciated by both casual and hardcore Insomnias.

Although the entire show was a huge success, there were some particularly impactful moments. The most unforgettable was the performance of "Silent Night," which was played not less than 6 times in a row, marking the longest performance of "Silent Night" in DREAMCATCHER’s Europe Tour. Normally, this routine is played 3 or 4 times during a show, but due to the enthusiastic audience, who kept asking for more, JiU responded by shouting "Somnia Vous Voulez?" in French, to which the audience replied with "One more time" or "On est pas fatigué!" ("We're not tired!"). "BONVOYAGE" was performed with its special outro, where members and fans clapped their hands together, waiting for the last verse of the song under the confetti spread throughout the pit.

As the show came to an end, all the members had a brief speech to bid farewell to the fans. SuA expressed her sadness and regret for not being able to perform with full energy and asked all French Insomnias to wait for the next performance in Paris, where she would be able to perform completely healed. Every member expressed their gratitude and promised to return to Paris for another unforgettable journey.

As expected, Yoohyeon delivered a short speech entirely in French, saying:

“Cette soirée avec vous est inoubliables. J'espère revoir vos têtes adorables bientôt! Merci beaucoup!”

(This night with all of you is unforgettable. I hope to see all your adorable faces again very soon! Thank you very much!)

Once again, DREAMCATCHER's show in Paris was a blast, and the seven girls fully captivated the audience with their energetic and iconic performances. We hope to see them in the City of Lights again soon, and hopefully in the US later this year! Thank you to Dreamcatcher Company and MyMusicTaste for inviting us to this beautiful night where all our dreams were captured by the girls! Thanks to Le Zénith de Paris for the warm welcome!



Photos taken by Nathan Gey (@natog.photo)

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