BamBam Takes Paris to ‘AREA 52’ in 1st World Tour

Words + Photos by Nathan Gey

April 3, 2024

BamBam at Salle Pleyel, Nathan Gey/ab(CDE)

After the respective solo tours and live performances of GOT7 members Jackson Wang, JayB, Yugyeom, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, and Jinyoung, BamBam embarked on his very first world tour titled ‘AREA 52’. Starting the tour from Seoul in September of last year and traveling through 4 countries in Asia, it ended marvelously in his homeland Thailand with a finale in Bangkok. The talented Thai singer and performer finally came to Europe for the first time, setting aside his prior visits to Paris for various Fashion Weeks as Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador. Paris marked the tour's debut on the continent, with the show held at the renowned venue Salle Pleyel on March 22nd. I had the pleasure of attending as ab(CDE), and here are my thoughts on BamBam’s night in Paris.

Since debut in 2014, GOT7 has consistently grown in popularity and became one of the most influential groups in the genre. After parting ways with their initial company three years ago, the 7-member global boy group stayed together and made a comeback as a self-owned group, paving their own path. During this time, each member also ventured into solo activities and performances, creating high anticipation among fans for BamBam’s show. The color theme of ‘AREA 52’ centered around red, inspiring many attendees to dress in accordance.

BamBam and his ten dancers entered the stage amid full red lighting, commencing the night with ‘Wheels Up’, ‘PANDORA’, ‘Sour and Sweet’, and ‘Ride or Die’. Dressed in red and black, the dancers complemented BamBam, who wore a bold outfit featuring a fluorescent red logo on his chest. The opening segment was energetically performed with impressive choreography and lighting.

BamBam performed many of his famous songs such as ‘Ribbon’, ’TIPPY TOE’, ‘Take It Easy’, or even his duet with Red Velvet’s SEULGI, ‘Who Are You’, elegantly performed by him and one of his dancers. ‘Thank You, Come Again’ was also part of the setlist featuring a captivating choreography..

Naturally, the night featured some GOT7 songs, especially towards the show's conclusion, including ‘ANGEL’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘NANANA’, and ‘Hard Carry’.

The show included three outfit changes, transitioning from the initial costume to a full red suit, then a black fluffy jacket worn over BamBam’s bare chest. During one of the MC segments, he pleasantly surprised the audience by randomly selecting 15 people by their ticket numbers, inviting them for a private greeting and a polaroid photo after the show.

Aside from the setlist, BamBam's charming demeanor captivated the audience, expressing his joy in meeting and performing for his French fans for the first time. He engaged smoothly with the crowd, his fluent English enabling playful banter, including teasing about his fondness of Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, referencing his YouTube variety show, 'Bam House'.

Special mention must be made of BamBam’s dance crew, whose energy, smiles, and evident enjoyment on stage contributed significantly to the show's warm atmosphere. Beginning with a choreography-focused performance led by BamBam, they concluded the show joyfully, sharing the moment with each other and the audience.

BamBam’s debut show in Paris was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on every fan in attendance. We eagerly await his return to the City of Lights, both as a fashion global ambassador and a K-pop performer!

We extend our gratitude to ABYSS Company and Onion Production for hosting us on this memorable night, as well as to BamBam and his dancers for their exceptional performance!



Photos taken by Nathan Gey (

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